Via www.tradeplace.com you are now able to receive your invoices electronically from the participating Tradeplace manufacturers. To access and view your invoice details this service is free of charges.

Why e-Invoicing?

1. Instant delivery with no manual data entry
E-invoices are delivered instantly and are presented to you for online processing. At the click of a mouse all the invoice data can be viewed, downloaded and imported into a finance system if required. This eliminates the time consuming task of re-keying data and eradicates manual errors. Additional security measures also ensure that the right invoices are delivered to the right people.
2. One-stop, real-time access to all invoices
Each customer has secure, personalized access to an online supplier portal where 24 hour, real-time access allows timely management of all invoices (as well as other documents, such as delivery notes, statements, remittances etc.) Users can easily navigate their way around larger invoices and customised search functions allow rapid access to current and archived invoices.
3. Faster dispute process
An online dispute process is a welcome replacement for lengthy telephone calls. You are able to log a query against any line item, in any invoice. You can also attach documents, such as a purchase order, to support your query. Once submitted, this query is sent immediately to the supplier for action.
4. One, consistent view of all invoices
Customers who deal with multi-sited suppliers can view all invoices using one clear, userfriendly interface with one username and password only.
5. Respect for legal requirements
Our e-Invoicing provider respects the legal requirements regarding electronic invoicing and electronic document exchange, whether it is the law on the sending and electronic archiving of documents in the context of the individual work relationship, the law on the protection of privacy or the anti-spam law.
6. Help protect the environment
Sending electronic documents helps reduce the amount of paper you use. Furthermore, electronic archiving means you no longer have to print out the documents.

Currently e-Invoicing is available in Belgium and France, more countries will follow shortly. Please follow the registration steps and you will be able to receive your invoices electronically within a matter of days!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Click here to submit your query to our Call Center (helpdesk@tradeplace.com) or chat


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