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Q: What is Tradeplace?
A: Tradeplace is an independent business-to-business electronic marketplace for European retailers and manufacturers of household appliances and consumer electronics household appliance manufacturers and retailers in Europe.The Participating Companies are BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Electrolux Home Products, Whirlpool Europe, Indesit Company and Philips Personal Health Europe. Tradeplace will evolve into a pan-European industry e-marketplace with a mission to improve customer service to retailers. Tradeplace aims to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain whilst improving e-enabled communications between manufacturers and distributors.

A: Tradeplace offers Retailers of the household appliances and consumer electronics industries support in daily sales and after sales processes.

  • Through the Tradeplace website retailers have the possibility to easily access the existing browser based services of the participating companies. There they can check a multitude of information, e.g. price and availability, place orders and view product info.
  • Support in after sales processes is offered through the common after sales marketplace. Through one interface retailers and service specialists have access to current technical documentation, wiring diagrams, detailed exploded views for part identification, ordering facilities and so on.
  • Additionally retailers can connect their own order processing systems directly to the portal, through XML internet technology.

The offered services may vary from country to country. Please see the registration function of your country for details.

Q: What was the reason for launching Tradeplace?
A: There is a growing need amongst retailers and trade partners to be able to communicate easily and quickly with manufacturers.

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Electrolux Home Products, Whirlpool Europe, Indesit Company and Philips Consumer Lifestyle Europe are strongly in favour of achieving greater commonality and standardization of B2B systems amongst all household appliances and consumer electronics manufacturers.
In fact, many manufacturers are already investing in Internet systems that integrate with their ERP systems to provide real-time, up-to-date information. The aim of Tradeplace is to help those manufacturers leverage those investments and progressively drive further standardization.

Q: Have any manufacturers already expressed interest in joining Tradeplace?
A: It is too early to tell right now, but given the benefits of joining Tradeplace, we certainly expect interest in the near future, and we welcome all potential participants.

A: Tradeplace aims to differentiate its offering from other exchanges through the provision of direct access to a portfolio of leading consumer brands and quality, up-to-date information thanks to real-time ERP integration with manufacturers. Tradeplace's approach facilitates standardization systems, processes and transaction formats for the household appliances and consumer electronics industry, for example, single authentication for retailers; utilization of PI standard defined by APPLiA and standard XML system-to-system transactions. Ultimately, this will dramatically reduce the efforts of e-commerce integration in the industry.

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