Newsletter November 2017

Coming soon: new website

At Tradeplace we want you to have the best experience while looking for information about our services. That is why we have put a lot of thought into our new website over the past few months. Expect an improved design, tailor-made service descriptions based on your profile, and the latest updates about our current activities and innovations. Just a little bit of patience yet: we expect to go live early next year!




Newsletter November 2017

Meet Hardy

Hardy Hellendoorn has been working at our call center for 14 years. What does a typical day at Tradeplace look like? Read on and find out.

Which role does the call center play in the Tradeplace company and how does it make a difference?
We process all the requests coming from (potential) customers throughout Europe. We are able to solve the majority of the requests, some we have to forward to the manufacturers for further process.

What does your job at the Tradeplace call center involve?
I manage the team and am the contact person for the administrators of the manufacturers. Moreover I work on quality assurance, creating statistics and reports, development and training of the employees, improving the daily business, tracking of KPIs and more.

What motivates you in your daily role?
The contact with the customers from every corner of the continent. The atmosphere within the project with the colleagues is also very pleasant.

What kind of questions do you usually get?
We have many questions concerning password reset and enabling of a brand portal access. The system is very stable, nevertheless we still receive technical and further challenging requests.

Which questions are the most difficult ones – and how do you cope with that?
Error messages which appear where it isn’t clear from which system they come from. In such cases it is important to find out as much details from the user as possible, so the technical department can find the solution as fast as possible.

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever got?
It wasn’t a question, but a user name you wouldn't expect. I asked the customer his user name as the password was blocked, and she replied with ‘idiot’. For a moment I thought I had to take this personal, but it actually was the user name.

What is your most memorable experience working at the call center?
I work for the Helpdesk for fourteen years already. I consider that a good indication that it is a pleasant working environment. A lot of colleagues do work at Tradeplace as long as I do - or even longer. Highlights enough to fill a few newsletters!

When do you leave the office with a fulfilled feeling?
When my clients are satisfied and to know that when I come home, my family is waiting for me.

What do you think of the services of Tradeplace?
All together they cover all the requirements any company working in this branch needs. From the local one on the country side, till the mega store in a metropole.

What is your recommendation in general for people who want to contact the Tradeplace Call Center?
We support in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch. In case you are contacting us from a country where these are not spoken, send us a contact request per mail in your own language and we will have it translated. For the rest no special recommendations!




Newsletter November 2017

“We would definitely recommend 2Trade, because of its simplicity!”

Philips Myshop is the official employee store of Philips, with the main, bricks-and-mortar branch located in the Philips PSV Stadium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Philips Myshop also offers a 24/7 online shop and features pop-up stores at Philips plants in the Benelux, almost every month of the year. At the beginning of this year, Philips Myshop switched to the 2Trade platform of Tradeplace. We asked manager Bart van Poppel to share his first experiences with this new service.

Bart van Poppel, Product and Portfolio Manager Philips Myshop


What was the reason behind the switch to 2Trade?
We were using SAP, but to be honest, it was quite a hassle to deal with. Due to its complexity, not everyone in the company was able to work with it. When we saw a demo of 2Trade, we decided to switch, the main reason being platform simplicity. Think of, for example, order entry, price and information requests, as well as availability. We noticed that this applies for all employees working with 2Trade, from sales and consumer care to logistics, finance, marketing, and operational management.

The first order via 2Trade was placed in February?
Yes, and it provided immediate relief. With 2Trade, placing an order is far easier, compared to what we were used to. We receive a lot of orders on a daily basis, therefore it is key that we deliver in time and keep all products in stock. So we work with it a lot. It is really easy to see when products will be available and what current prices are. We also have to add a lot of new products, usually the big issue is finding all correct data for them. At Philips, we have many internal platforms, the 2Trade system enables you to find all product information in the same screen.

Would you say it speeds up the order process?
Yes, it certainly does. Especially after the July release, that is facilitating big-batch imports now as well. Compared to other systems, the search process is also a blessing. If you want to order, let’s say, a coffee machine, you can type in ‘coffee machine’ or a partial product number and suggested articles will pop up automatically. Before, you had to enter the full product name or number - one typo and the system could not find it anymore.

What does the 2Trade system implicate for Customer Support?
Our Customer Care Team is located in the main store, they answer e-mails or calls and help customers visiting the shop as well. Things have become easier for them too. Before, they did not have any SAP access rights, because it was too difficult to use. They had to wait for the open order book, which came in once a week. But now, with a customer on hold inquiring whether a product is in stock, they can check it on the spot, using their mobile phone or a tablet. Which makes life easier and their work more time-efficient.

How about customer satisfaction?
This may sound a bit boring, but that has improved as well. Considering that we have a much better order response now, it is easier to see when products arrive at the store. Which also means, we can operate pro-actively. For example, when we find out that delivery of a given product will take more than a week, we can anticipate by notifying all customers who ordered it, before they call us to ask how long it will take. This gets us a lot of compliments.

Finally, would you recommend other shop owners and or manufacturers to use 2Trade?
Definitely! For Philips Myshop, 2Trade is the easiest and most user-friendly system.

2Trade: a personal sales floor assistent
Tradeplace continually innovates it’s services. The 2Trade platform is a mobile site designed to offer real time access to all the product information a sales representative might need on the sales floor. Whether it’s specific details about products, additional colours, availability or delivery times, 2Trade makes it easy to find that information on the spot - and order directly if needed. No wonder it’s quickly becoming a very popular tool to stay competitive in today’s connected shopping environment. 2Trade uses one simple interface for all manufacturers, which makes it quick and easy to use. At the moment Philips is using 2Trade in its own employee store to ease up the sales process and the first test results are very positive. We will keep you up to date regarding a further roll out to other countries, manufacturers and trade partners. Contact us at with any questions about 2Trade.



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